Getting Started

Quote mark - largeI can’t imagine what I’d have done without your help. I really appreciate all the great work you’ve done on my behalf.” —  Ron G., Sedona, AZ

Before you ask me for a quote, I need to know:

• The type of book you have written

• The exact word count

• The type of editorial work you want me to do—either a full read and critique or line editing

Before you submit your manuscript to me:

1. Revise your manuscript. Condense it as much as you can. Work on it until you can do no more to improve it. Proofread it more than once. Have educated friends proofread it.

2. Format your manuscript properly, using the following guidelines:

• Set up your pages with 1-inch margins at the top and bottom and 1.25-inch margins on the sides.

• Left-align text (do not justify

• Double-space the lines of type.

• Use 12 point Times New Roman.

• Put only one space between sentences.

•  Put only one space between paragraphs.

• Indent all new paragraphs, including lines of dialogue., 1/2 inch.

• Put the title and your last name in the top left margin (set up as a Header).

• Center page numbers at the bottom of the page.

• Begin numbering with the first page of Chapter One and continue numbering the pages consecutively through the whole manuscript. Do not have another Chapter One anywhere in the manuscript.

• Start new chapters about five inches down the page. If you use these settings, you should get approximately twenty-five lines of about ten words each for a total of 250 words on a page, which is the standard word count for a manuscript page.

• Indicate scene breaks with two blank lines (two returns).

3. Contact me by email. Tell me the exact word count of your book, what genre it falls into if it’s a novel, and what your story is about, briefly. For nonfiction, tell me a little about the subject of your book.

4. Send me a Word file (.doc) of either your whole manuscript or a couple of sample chapters.

5. Review the quote I send to you.

6. If you want to proceed, send me your payment to reserve your place on my work calendar.